Bungo Regency is rich in natural beauty which can be used as a tourist destination for both local and foreign tourists, because the Bungo Regency area is flowed by a very beautiful and clear river. One of them is the Cadika Forest Park Natural Tourism Area which is located in Central Rimbo District.

The Cadika Forest Park Natural Tourism Area is located not far from the center of Bungo city, it is hoped that it can become a tourist spot that can be enjoyed by local and foreign tourists so that it can increase Regional Original Income and improve the welfare of the community in general, such as creating employment opportunities, encouraging tourism industry activities and other side industries. Apart from that, it can introduce and utilize the natural beauty of the Cadika Forest Tourism area to tourists, the availability of adequate tourist infrastructure and facilities and the availability of facilities for local traders.


The development of Cadika Forest Park Nature Tourism also aims to ensure sustainable and environmentally sound utilization of space in the Cadika Forest Park Area in accordance with the carrying capacity in accordance with development policy directions, to create integration in the use/utilization of natural resources and artificial resources, especially those related to tourism, with continuing to pay attention to human resources and the ecosystem, implementing the use of protected areas and cultivation areas, especially the Cadika Forest Park area in relation to the tourism sector and arranging the Cadika Forest Park area with a programmed design.