Livestock development can make a significant contribution to Bungo Regency’s Regional Original Income (PAD) so that efforts continue to be made to increase production, population and application of technology, such as through artificial insemination (AI) and cattle fattening.

The types of livestock being developed are large livestock, small livestock and poultry. The population of cattle in Bungo Regency is 42,239 heads, with a population increase of 4.72% per year.

The meat requirement for Bungo Regency is 1,000 kg/day, while the availability of beef is only 200 kg/day.


Location                                           : Pelepat Ilir District
Supporting Facilities                : Asphalt Road, Electricity Network, National Standard  Slaughterhouse (RPH).
Investment Opportunities    : Development of Cattle Farming
Population                                      : Development of Animal Feed
Total Production                         : 30,936 head 112,776 Ha/Year (Per.2016)
Land Availability                         : 63 Ha